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Paws and Play: Unleashing the Best Deals in 2023 for Your Four-Legged Friend

Going On Walks? Make walks enjoyable with a favorite retractable leash, and transform the experience with the Gentle Pet Leader, a game-changer for dogs that tend to pull. Don't forget to bring some training treats for extra motivation!

For Your Home Create a comfortable space with this sturdy puppy play pen with it's own gate, complemented by a washable pee pad mat. For on the go, consider a travel play pen with pockets and ventilation.

If they have to stay inside, consider this collapsable puppy crate that folds flat (no more bulky crates taking up space!). To keep them safe, this puppy gate is so easy to set up and this extra wide baby gate is perfect for larger spaces.

Keep your home clean with a muddy mat for them to wipe their paws. For accidents, I recomend this enzyme spray to control odors. If you have carpet or rugs, this is Bissell Little Green deep carpet cleaner is a MUST and has a great mark down!

Boredom Be Gone! Keep your canine companion entertained with a mat for hiding treats or a puzzle for mental stimulation! Check out this puzzle that squeaks!

Playtime Delights Take advantage of the Black Friday deals and invest in durable toys. This tough chew toy will stretch your dollars. One of our favorites is this no-stuff, plush squaker toy (stuff filling can cause major damage to your dog if ingested!!). Lastly, have you been trying to try those interactive speaking buttons? Now is your chance!

Feeding Routine Elevate your dog's dining experience with stylish Yeti bowls. Enhance their coat health by adding omega-3 or wild salmon oil to their food.

Grooming Essentials Make grooming hassle-free with a retractable self-cleaning brush. For doodle owners, the Chris Christensen brush prevents mats, while the Big K brush detangles. Opt for the budget-friendly Doodle brush for a similar effect.

Bring on the Yummy Stuff Indulge your furry friend with the most sought-after treats, all on sale! Explore options like Milky Bone Maro Snacks or Greenies, perfect for maintaining clean teeth. Don't miss the discounted Denta Sticks!

For avid chewers, check out the Mighty Paw Yak treats or the Pawstruck Yak Chews (Have you tried their Collagen Sticks?!). Plus, here's a tip: after your dog enjoys it, and only a bit is left, pop it in the microwave and it turns into a cheese puff for added fun!

Keeping Them Comfy Prepare for hot summer months with a cooling bed or this elevated bed. For the colder months, make sure you bundle them up with these waterproof, reversible dog coats (best sellers!).

Keeping Them Safe

This is a great "car seat" for your pups. Also, if you have smaller sized or older dogs, invest in doggy stairs or a doggy ramp for easy access to cars (and beds!).

Be on the lookout! Stay connected with your pets using Blink outdoor cameras. Choose a traditional Ring stand camera or the Furbo treat dispensing camera for indoor monitoring.

Holiday Themed

This Hide-n-Seek Gingerbread house is perfect for this season. It will provide hours of fun! You can also dress them for the occasion with this cute bow dog collar or this adjustable Santa hat.

Pooper Scoopers Efficiently handle pet waste with a choice between the handheld claw or a scooper with a liner bag. Make sure to keep the mess (and smell!) hidden with this outdoor garbage can.

As an Amazon Influencer & Affiliate member, I am able to bring you these exclusive Black Friday Prime Deals at no additional cost to you. I earn a percentage on qualifying purchases that comes directly from Amazon.


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